Why I Don’t Believe – Stephen Hughes

Stephen Hughes was born in London and moved to Australia in 1997.
Stephen lives in Brisbane and for many years has been a member of the Christadelphian Church or ecclesia at North Brisbane.
Stephen has a PhD in Physics from King’s College London and for over 15 years taught astrophysics at Queensland University of Technology.
The October and November 2021 Christadelphian Magazine published a 2-part article written by Stephen, entitled, WHY I DON’T BELIEVE.
Stephen joins wildernessconversations to discuss what he does not believe.

By One Man

By One Man is a response to the challenge of Evolutionary Creation, or any view, which proposes that God evolved humans from primaeval life forms as His method of creation and reviews the evidence from both Scripture and Christadelphian writers and concludes that Evolutionary Creation is incompatible with Bible teaching and the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith (BASF).