Seeing the World Differently – William Patino

William Patino grew up in the coastal town of Wollongong, NSW Australia – moved to the mountainside town of Te Anau, in the South Island of New Zealand.
He is a husband and father to two young children.
Will has been a full-time landscape photographer since 2014 and as such sees the world differently. He has newfound appreciation for nature and the many intricacies that many would take for granted.
Will’s has a deep reverence and awe of nature and the creator, and it’s this that inspires him.

By One Man

By One Man is a response to the challenge of Evolutionary Creation, or any view, which proposes that God evolved humans from primaeval life forms as His method of creation and reviews the evidence from both Scripture and Christadelphian writers and concludes that Evolutionary Creation is incompatible with Bible teaching and the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith (BASF).

Genesis 1-2: A Harmonised and Historical Reading – Peter Heavyside

Peter Heavyside lives in Hong Kong and for many years has been a member of the Hong Kong Christadelphian community.
A couple of years ago Peter published a book entitled “Genesis 1-2: A Harmonised and Historical Reading”
In the preface Peter speaks of three different but related values
First as a defence of the integrity of the scriptures against liberal critical handling which claims to identify historical errors or failures of historical accuracy,
Second as a sound exposition of aspects of Genesis 1 & 2, and
Thirdly as an illustration of how to deal with “problem” passages.
Peter joins Wilderness conversations.