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God’s Secret – Colin Attridge

Christadelphian and Author Colin Attridge is possibly known for his book on Fruit of the Spirit first published in 1998 with a 2nd edition in 2016 by The Dawn Book Supply.
Colin joins Wilderness Conversations to discuss his most recent book entitled “Gods Secret”. A 340 page book written primarily for those who are still looking for answers to the big questions; but relevant and extremely helpful to any enquiring mind.
The book is divided into two separate but complementary parts.
Part one lays a foundation, encouraging readers to look further into God’s Word. From the existence of a creator, through to the question of human suffering and God’s plan to rectify the worlds problems through the work of Jesus Christ.
The second part takes the reader step by step through the words of David in Psalm 34 as a key to unlocking true wisdom.

French Revolution – Geoff Henstock

Geoff Henstock lives in Adelaide and for many years has been a member of the Christadelphian Church or ecclesia at Hyde Park.
Geoff has a keen interest in history, especially where it intersects with his study of the scriptures and he joins us to discuss the importance of the French Revolution and why it is so significant for Bible students.

Ezra – James McCann

James is a member of the Riverwood ecclesia in Sydney and he joins wildernessconversations to share his passion for the man and message of Ezra.

Like grapes in the wilderness, I found Israel

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