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The Bible in Context- Jason Hensley

Have you ever wondered why so many people have different ideas about the Bible? How could one book inspire such disparate concepts and interpretations? Jason speaks about the book he authored last year, entitled, The Bible In Context.

Every Boys Dream – Paul Yearsley

Paul Yearsley until recently lived just south of Sydney, Australia and attends the Christadelphian Church or ecclesia the meets in the Southern Highlands. In his twenties, Paul did what every young boy wants to do – become a fireman! Paul shares his reflections on how seeing people in the most extreme contexts has influenced his…

The Merz Brothers – Josh Wallace

The three Merz brothers, Rudolf, August and Albert lived in Nazi Germany and as Christadelphian brothers they refused to perform military service, declared that they were conscientious objectors and suffered terribly as a result. Years in a concentration camp in one case, a decade in a mental institution in another, and execution in the case…

Like grapes in the wilderness, I found Israel

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