By One Man

Colin Byrnes and Mathew Jamieson live in Sydney. Colin is a member of the Christadelphian church or ecclesia at Castle Hill and Mathew a member of the church or ecclesia that meets at Punchbowl in Sydney.

Colin & Matthew have published a book entitled “By One Man

By One Man is a response to the challenge of Evolutionary Creation, or any view, which proposes that God evolved humans from primaeval life forms as His method of creation and reviews the evidence from both Scripture and Christadelphian writers and concludes that Evolutionary Creation is incompatible with Bible teaching and the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith (BASF). 

By One Man furnishes easy access to the long-standing teaching of Christadelphians on these important subjects, and assures readers that our community’s beliefs are based on sound Scriptural evidence.

If you would like a hard copy of the book “By One Man” by Colin Byrnes and Matthew Jamieson, you can purchase it from the Christadelphian Office at or from

You can also buy a softcopy, the ebook from the Christadelphian Magazine website.

Supplementary information is available at

By One Man

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