Conscience in Action Part 1

In 2007 the AACE – the Association of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias published a book entitled
“Conscience in Action – – the experience of conscientious objection in Australia”
Thankfully in the couple of years leading up to the publication, a number of oral accounts of the personal experiences of brothers and sisters were recorded. Now nearly 20 years on, many of these brothers and sisters have subsequently fallen asleep in the Lord making these recordings a treasured resource indeed.

Jacky Philips – God is near.

Jacky Philips has been a member of the church or ecclesia that meets at Brighton in South Australia for many years.
Jacky was born in the UK during the war and moved to Australia as a young mother and has an extraordinary story to tell.
Jacky shares her story with us on Wilderness Conversations.

What is the unforgivable sin? Mark Dennes

Mark Dennes lives in Sydney and for many years has been a member of the Christadelphian Church or ecclesia that meets at Riverwood.
Recently Mark has done some work on what the scriptures refers to as – “a sin unto death”
What is this sin that will not be forgiven and have we committed it?