The Merz Brothers – Josh Wallace

Joshua Wallace lives in Melbourne, Australia and attends the Christadelphian Church or ecclesia at Canterbury.

Josh has done some research into the cases of the three Merz brothers, Rudolf, August and Albert. They lived in Nazi Germany and as Christadelphian brothers they refused to perform military service, declared that they were conscientious objectors and suffered terribly as a result. Years in a concentration camp in one case, a decade in a mental institution in another, and execution in the case of Albert – all were borne with extraordinary determination and fortitude for the sake of Christ.

The research for the story was conducted by Graham Jackman and is in the book entitled:

“As dying, and behold, we live” The Merz brothers and the Third Reich.

The book is available from Amazon or from the Christadelphian Scripture Study Service

See also the Wikipedia entry.

Now also available on YouTube

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