Russia in Bible Prophecy– Matt Davies

Matt Davies lives in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Mumbles Christadelphian church or ecclesia.
Matt is a keen Bible student and is involved with the Media Channel known as
Christadelphian Video and the YouTube Channel: Bible Truth And Prophecy –
Matt speaks with Wilderness conversations about some of the videos he has done recently on Russia and the return of Christ.

Preaching in Eastern Europe – David and Kathryn Pearce

David and Kathryn Pearce live in the UK
David’s first preaching trip to Russia was in 1994, followed by the Ukraine in 1995, and Kazakhstan in 2003. David and Kathryn have continued the preaching work in Eastern Europe making around four trips every year for Bible Schools and welfare visits and in 1998 implemented the Cherith parcel scheme, which sends around 400 parcels a year from UK brothers and sisters to Christadelphian families in East Europe.
David and Kathryn talk about their experiences in the past and the changes that are happening at the moment in the UK.