Kylee Mingham – a lived experience.

Kylee Mingham nee Lewis attends the Christadelphian Church or ecclesia that meets at Birkdale in Brisbane Queensland.

Kylee, a Psychosocial Recovery Coach, experienced post-natal depression, and PTSD many years ago. Today she uses her personal experiences to help and guide clients through their own challenges with mental health.

Kylee was 26 years old when she had her first child, and like many others she struggled with the adjustment of becoming a parent.

She was in and out of hospital for the first two years of her son’s life with post-natal depression and PTSD.

Kylee’s extremely supportive husband was there with her every step of the way to encourage her to get well again, and care for their son when she was in hospital.

It took a long time for Kylee, whose son is now an adult, but she feels recovered and has been well for the last eight years.

Still happily with her husband after 25 years, she is now focusing on her future and helping others through their mental health journeys.

Kylee has always worked in healthcare, but it’s only been recently that she’s completed her studies while working as a Support Worker and now works as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach.

Kylee says “When people have a broken arm, they get it treated. Why is a mental illness any different?”

“I firmly believe that I was put in this position to help others. I tell clients not to give up because there is hope.”

Kylee joins WildernessConversations.

Kylee’s articles:

KM- My Perinatal Depression Journey

KM – Understanding and Caring for Yourself

KM – Physical and Mental Health Disabilities – NDIS

For those needing support, there is a Christadelphian Help-Line, and the following organisations provide a valuable service:

  • Perinatal Anxiety & Depression (PANDA) Helpline – call 1300 726 306
  • Beyond Blue –
  • COPE – Parental Support –
  • Headspace – Lifeline –

Now also available on YouTube

One thought on “Kylee Mingham – a lived experience.

  1. Thank you. An incredible story. Love Kylies faith, patience, honesty and the great work she’s doing. Many a time my son would exit hospital without the social support she does. Its sounds like a great service that would help keep the patient well, positive, building self-esteem etc. Absolutely loved her last few bible quotes👍


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