Melbourne Family Conference 2023

In 2019 all plans were in place for the 2019 Christadelphian Family Conference to be held in Adelaide in April of that year.

We know what happened, COVID hit and in fact even the next attempt to hold a conference two years later in Melbourne failed due to COVID. Now five years from the last conference, held in Brisbane, plans which are subject to the Fathers will are coming together for the Melbourne Christadelphian Family Conference to be held from January 8 to January 14.

It is a – now more highly appreciated opportunity for fellowship with Brothers, Sisters and Young People primarily from around Australia but no doubt some from other countries.

The theme is “Choose Life” and the two international speakers are Brethren Jim Styles from the USA and Andrew Bramhill from the UK.

Today on WildernessConversations the two key note speakers join us to share what they are looking forward to.

Details can be found at:

Melbourne Family Conference 2023

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