Life under Gods Holy Law – Ron Cowie

Ron Cowie lives in Adelaide and is a member of the Christadelphian church or ecclesia at Enfield.

Ron was in Sydney recently presenting a series of studies entitled, “Life under Gods Holy Law”

One of the criticisms of the Bible and in particular the Law of Moses is that it has a poor view of women – many have claimed that the law is Misogynistic.

An extreme case is made by the feminist – Taslima Nassin who says: “I strongly believe that no one can be a true feminist without being an atheist. All religions are anti-women. No one can be pro-woman while supporting anti-woman dogmas.”

Is this claim justifiable?

Ron makes the argument that whilst it is true that women have been and still are seriously mistreated under the guise of religion, women were elevated and protected under Gods law.

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